This course is crafted after in-depth analysis and thus begins with fundamentals of the HCM module and ends with cutting edge information of configuration ensuring good understanding of SAP ERP Human Capital Management. This program would cover varied aspects related to organizational structures, Master data with further classifications of levels, reporting and business process functions defined within an organization according to SAP HCM. Also you will get to learn about management of Time data, Payroll, Trainings and development of each employee.  This course is a complete package to ascertain that you get to imbibe in yourself, all important expertise needed to manage your workforce efficiently and with highest degree of effectiveness.

Configuring an Organizational Structure

  • Create Objects

  • Essential Relationships

  • Create Description

  • Create Department/Staff

  • Add Relationships

  • Maintain Plan Data

  • Add account assignment to the Company Organizational Unit

  • Acct Assignment Features

  • Structure Maintenance

Configuring Positions

  • Configure Positions

  • Configure Reporting Relationships

  • Produce and Organizational Structure Report

Executing a Personnel Action

  • Hire a Employee

  • Make changes to Employee Master Data

  • Produce an Employee List report for the new employee

Establishing the Enterprise Structure

  • Configuring Personnel Sub-Areas

  • Employee Sub-Groups

  • Grouping for Work Schedules

Additional Organizational Assignments

  •  Maintain HR Master Data

  • Change Organizational Assignment

Using Features

  • Display Features

  • Process Feature/Decision Tree

Understanding Planned Working

Time Connection to Basic Pay

  • Display the HR Master Data

  • Planned Working Time

  • Basic Pay

  • Work Schedules Overview

  • Primary Wage Type and Employee Groupings

Defining Payscale Structures

  • Customizing Project Administration

  • Process Feature Tariff: Decision Tree

  • Choose Activity

  • Change Payscale Period Parameter Assignment

  • Determine Work Area

  • Create Basic Pay

Defining Wage Types

  • Create Dialog Wage Type

  • Understand controls used to determine wage type assignment

  • Define feature LGMST to default wage type assignment

  • Setup indirect valuation

Payroll GB Specific

  • Create Payroll Area

  • Create Control Record

  • GB Specific Schema

  • Personal Calculation Rule (PCR)

  • Function types and Example

  • Statutory Absences GB specific

  • Average bases

  • Overview of Time Management and its integration with other applications

  • Work schedule concept and planned working time specification

  • Attendances, absences and their payments

  • Time quotas and their deductions

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