SAP HANA is revolutionary real-time single –in memory platform for analytics that combines database, high performance data processing, and application capabilities. This would let users to work on large amount of data at an impressive speed thereby being usable for real time applications. This course on SAP HANA is designed to make trainee understand the enormous parallel processing capabilities and in-memory columnar storage architecture.  This program will also cover various aspects on modeling different views of database and creation of required logic to generate a meaningful report using SAP Business objects BI Suite along with usage of different data replication tools using business object data services for varied business scenarios. Also impetus will be laid on tools and applications that can be connected. The completion of the course would be marked by your receiving a completion certificate. This certifies that you have successfully imbibed in yourself, all important expertise needed to handle large data using SAP HANA and are ready to take up consultant role.


  • In-Memory Computing

  • Evolution of In-Memory computing at SAP

  • History of SAP HANA

  • HANA compare to BWA

  • In-Memory Basics

  • HANA Use cases


  • Hana Engine Overview

  • Different HANA Engine Types

  • Row Store

  • Column Store

  • Persistency Layer

  • Business Impact of new architecture

  • Backup & Recovery


  • Key Concepts in Data Modeling

  • Components of HANA data model & Views

    • Analytical Views

    • Attribute views

    • Calculation Views

    • Joins

  • Measures

  • Filters

  • Real Time Scenarios

  • HANA SQL Intro

  • Functions & Expressions

  • Procedures

Data Provisioning

  • Overview

  • Trigger Based Replication

  • ETL Based Replication

  • Log Based Replication

  • Intro to BODS 4

  • Basic Data service Connection types

  • Flat File upload in to HANA


  • Creating Users

  • Creating Roles

  • Privileges

  • User Administration


  • Connectivity options

  • Business Objects BI 4

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