SAP CRM is a training course on an integrated application for customer relationship management and is part of the SAP Business Suite. The addresses software needs for large and midsized organizations across different sectors. The course provides learners with the elementary knowledge and practical solutions on customer relationship solutions. A SAP CRM certification examination has 80 questions.

Overview of the CRM Solution: SAP CRM

  • Introduction to:

    • Fundamentals and architecture of SAP CRM

    • SAP CRM Marketing

    • SAP CRM Sales

    • SAP CRM Service

    • Implementation & operation of SAP CRM

CRM Base Customization: CR 100

  • CRM basic data:

    • Account Management

    • Organizational model

    • Product master

    • Customizing settings for each object

    • CRM business transactions

      • Overview of generic functions in business transactions

      • Activity management

      • Customizing for these objects

    • Process control and determination

      • Partner determination

      • Actions

      • Overview of pricing in CRM

    • CRM billing

      • Basics concepts of CRM middleware

      • Introduction to the CRM WebClient User Interface

CRM Marketing : CR 600

  • Overview of marketing management in SAP CRM

    • Marketing Plans and campaign management

      • Working with marketing projects

      • Preparation and Execution of campaigns

    • Segmenting business partners

      • Marketing attributes

      • Graphical Modeler

      • Creating profiles and target groups

    • Personalized mail forms

      • Creating personalized e-mails

    • Marketing Product Proposals

    • Lead Management and Surveys

    • Campaign automation

    • External List Management

    • Special Functions and Features in campaign management

    • Couponing

CRM Sales: CR 300

  • Opportunity management and Pipeline Performance Management

  • Copying control

  • Quotation management

  • Order management

  • Special functions in quotation and order management

  • Pricing in SAP CRM Sales

  • Contract management

  • Rebate processing

  • Activity management in SAP CRM Sales

  • Visit planning

  • Territory management

CRM Service : CR 700

  • Maintenance of technical objects

    • Installed base management

    • Individual objects

  • Service contract processing

    • Service agreements

    • Service contracts

    • Service plans

  • Service order processing

    • Resource planning

    • Service confirmation

    • Service billing

    • ERP Integration

  • Complaints and returns processing

    • Complaints and returns

    • In-house repair processing

  • IT Service Management

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