SAP BI Training SAP Business Intelligence is part of SAP NetWeaver. The main aim of SAP BI is to facilitate efficient and vigorous analysis, evaluation and reporting business data. SAP BI training content includes Data Warehousing, BI platform, BI suit and Development technologies. At associate level, the course takes 180 minutes and it examination has 80 questions.

Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

  • BI Architecture / BI Platform

  • Enterprise Data warehousing / Data Modelling

  • Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis

  • Data Acquisition / Data Extraction

Enterprise Data warehousing

  • Transaction Data Loading

  • Master Data Loading Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies

  • Types of Info provider

    • Info cubes

    • DSO/ODS Objects

    • Info objects as Info providers

    • Info sets

    • Multi providers

    • Virtual Providers

  • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema

    • Multidimensional Modelling

    • Entity Relationship modelling

  • Differentiating between 3.x version and 7.0 version.

  • Open Hub Destination

  • Routines

  • Business Content and its Relevance

  • Performance Tuning

    • Aggregates

    • Compression

    • Indexing etc.

  • Analysis Process Designer

  • Process Chains and other Modelling Features

  • Authorization And Transportation

Data Acquisition / Data Extraction

  • Logistics Extraction

  • Generic Extraction

  • Enhancing Standard Data Sources

  • Delta Mechanism

Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis

  • Introduction to BEX Query Designer/ BEX Analyser and other Reporting Tools

  • Free Characteristic and Filter

  • Restricted Key Figures and Calculated Key figures

  • Variables and Structures

  • Exceptions, Conditions, RRI

  • Information Broadcasting and other Reporting Features

  • Performance Tuning of Query

  • Brief about Web Reporting and Report Designer

  • Overview on Business Objects

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